éclaircissement (witness_light) wrote,

"I thought of the bones: I could hear them singing. They needed me to write their song."

imagine that:

the monster lived inside your head. feasted on the words that floated from the lips of lovers, sucked them dry like burbling fruits & presented you with the dry husks, with empty space & bits of discarded peel.

imagine that:

you waited all your life for someone to step inside your mind & gather you up & take you away.

imagine that:

what hurts you is also what makes you safe.

imagine that
you were the only one
who could touch
the monster
as he slumbered
you with your knife
of light & poetry
& steps taken
down winter sidewalks
trudging forward
in the cold:
you cut him slightly
call it grief
memories of a little girl
in the dark,
not just dark but EMPTY,
and you are the only warrior here
you with your fear & your tantrums & your tears
slaying a dragon
with papercuts
with love when it hurts
and it hurts.

it shouldn't be so hard to say
i love you
to myself
but then it is.

and one day the monster whispers
but he does not steal;
he stays in a vaulted room
does not wander freely
one day things change.
i believe this.
and one day spring comes
and dead girls live and speak.
i believe this too.

i live
day to day
quietly, painfully
until the time comes
when i am called upon
to sing.

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